Donita Dunes Swallows 40 Loads

Here is a classic bukkake scene from 2000 featuring Donita Dunes, a big-breasted beauty from Seagoville, Texas. Donita was 23 years old when this video hit the shelves. This is her only scene to appear on the American Bukkake label. In this bukkake clip, Donita swallows forty loads and is completely covered in cum. At the end of the video, she funnels a large amount of sperm through a beer bong.

This is what the American Bukkake website has to say about Donita:

“Donita Dunes. A human toilet if there ever was one! When Donita was born, there was no doubt in her parents minds that she would really go places. No way, however, would they have imagined that ‘places’ would be a degenerative warehouse somewhere in Van Nuys where dozens of smelly douchebags would jack off in her face, eyes, and mouth with a little cum bong for a finale. I wonder where she is now?”

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